Autumn Prayer for the Loss of a Son

Eight days ago, my friends lost their son.  The next morning I sat by the river, feeling my pain, their pain, the accumulated pain of loss, too many children gone before their time. And the leaves  rained down as I sat on my bench, and the river water flowed … flowing, dropping, life-cycles and ancient rhythms continue endlessly . . .


Fallen Leaves

Another leaf falls

while one hangs on for autumn splendor

dropped from a lower branch, less travel time.

Rebirth, the unfulfilled promise, waits for its time

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust

Another child gone and winter sets in.

I pray an early spring for those in the season of sorrow.

A line from his tribute: We are left with a raw gaping agonizing hole in our hearts which nothing can fill, even though we know he is safe in God’s arms.

Human tears are older than the rain.

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