I received a serendipitous gift at a coffee shop recently.  I couldn’t help overhearing as Eddie read to his partner, and when he asked her “What do you think?” I joined in the conversation to say I thought it had been a great little article, who had written it? It was his own …. for me it was a chance encounter–to meet a fellow writer further along the road. (His website is listed below) Writing, like life is a process, and I learn as I go and grow. These little gifts come at the most wonderful of times, so I practise keeping my spirit open to them.

The line that caught my attention was–to make a list and check it twice. He was referring to a dream list, although I immediately thought about a gratitude list. It is easier to see what is not going well in my life, although I want to practise gratitude. As I walked home the world looked brighter, I was writing the things-I-was-grateful-for list. Being thankful is a mood changer.  87791726-person-making-list-photos-comTry it– make your list and check it twice, make two lists, one of gratitude and one of dreams.

It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas here, we just received what I dub the “Christmas Eve snowfall”–three inches of soft white frosting on the entire landscape, including my mindset at the moment.  You can get on my gratitude list easily, by leaving a comment–what are you most thankful for this season?

DSC_0053Richest blessings of the season to you and yours!


Eddie Lemoine is an author and motivational speaker, to visit his website go to


  1. Hi Jocelynn
    I just wanted you to know I think of you often and pray for you. May you be Blessed for your positive attitude!! I admire how you think of the positive and make the best of life in your circumstances.
    Thank God for helping us in our most difficult times.
    Praying for you especially in this difficult season. Take Care!! Praying a Blessing on you!!!


  2. I resonate with the value of gratitude; recalling all the gifts that life provides. Sometimes I need help to get into the practice. I recently practiced this when anticipating meeting my former husband and I had begun (again) to obsess about old issues. With a little help from a friend, I focused instead on what I had been grateful for in our marriage. That allowed me to “unhook” myself from old hangups and enjoy sharing time with him. I so appreciate your insights and encouragement!


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