You win some, You lose some

Lost $20 today … the complaint of the new Canadian money is its slipperiness.IMG_4194 I went walking along the river, scrambled down the ice bank with camera to get a better picture, as recently arrived Canada Geese honked my intrusion. The plan was to pick up a few groceries on the way home, so I had slipped $20 into my back R hand blue jeans pocket. When I reached for it in the store, it had disappeared. But, we did have the return of limes today only—77cents apiece.
Recently my almost 5 yr old lightly freckled grandson lost his second pair of croc-wannabes, in as many months. As the not-quite-24-hrs-old shoe of the replacement pair, dropped from his foot off the ferry, into the swirling waters, his mother wanted to tell the distraught little boy to throw in the second one as well, at least someone might have the chance of a pair. His tears kept her from saying it.
An article in the UK daily news reported the amount of time spent looking for various items. I feel better and worse when I read the stats, better because I’m not alone, worse, cuz I could be doing something else with that time.
Top seven items lost—in order:
1. Mobile / smartphoneIMG_9728
2. House keys
3. Car Keys
4. Paperwork
5. Sunglasses / spectacles
6. Purse / wallet
7. Lip balm

That looks like my list … but I also tend to lose my perspective on the importance of the lost item, especially in the immediate moment. On average we spend seven to ten minutes a day looking for lost items. I’m not the only one to use my landline to locate my cell phone—regularly.
“Spending so much time hunting for lost items is a shame since the same research shows that we only laugh for around 6 minutes a day, visit other people for 21 minutes, make love only for 2 minutes and 42 seconds a day and spend only 2 weeks of our lives kissing another person.”**
Hmmm, I might have some catch-up to do.

What I also believe is that while we all lose things,
we also become what we search for.

When you search for truth, you become more truthful.
When you search for excellence, you become more excellent.
When you search for love, you become more loving.
When you search for compassion, you become more compassionate.
Searching for meaning, life becomes more meaningful.
Searching for kindness, grace, joy and peace, brings it about.
And as we search for beauty….we become more beautiful, and so does our life.

And Easter is coming soon, I can hardly wait to search for my chocolate, I’ve hidden it already!
**Read more about lost items at: (a car was listed as #19, ahead of the e-reader at #20.
Read more:

One thought on “You win some, You lose some

  1. I already spent one of my six minutes of laughter reading about your lost items. I can relate! The poem about searching for more important things in life was beautiful – thanks.


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