Hope is a Choice

Whoever you hold in the heart of youIMG_1970

Is forever and always a part of you.

Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints. Ps 116:15 NIV

Ten years ago … the world lost three wonderful young people, my son, my daughter, my future daughter-in-law … leaving a massive vacancy.

This morning, my still-on-the-planet daughter called to remember the day of loss … she told me how she and her husband had been at a cafe and were speaking to their three children about the remembering. And the sadness felt because the children never got to meet their auntie and uncle … My daughter was getting teary and her five year old asked “Why are you crying Mom?” She explained the loss, and my granddaughter(8) spoke up to say … “Oh we’ll meet them already.” “Really?” asks Zech (5) “when?” In heaven,” his sister explained confidently. “Oh,” he said, down cast, “That’s like in a hundred years.”

I can tell you Zecher, I feel that way too, sometimes. But, for me, having two treasures in heaven, makes the prospect of eternity, that much more tangible.

I know there are many others that carry the weight of sorrow, and loss … May you be blessed this day.

Hold on to Hope, it is a gift.

Hope is a choiceIMG_1969

Hope has given me my voice

to question to doubt, to scream to shout

Hope has been in the midst

as a spark, as a river

a cause to shiver

Hope behind, hope before

Hope surrounds as it opens and shuts the door

The taste of hope and I want more

More of the source, more of the truth,

more of the grace it has given

I want Hope on this earth

And a taste of Heaven.

The edges of God are tragedy. The depths of God are joy, beauty, resurrection, life. Resurrection answers crucifixion; life answers death.     Marjorie Hewitt Suchoki

IN remembrance of Brittany Jane Marie, Jordan David Isaac, Jamie K, all three shone like the stars of heaven … you are missed more than words can say.


Jocelyn is the author of: Who is Talking out of My Head – Grief as an Out of Body Experience  


6 thoughts on “Hope is a Choice

  1. To my fellow grief traveller – Thinking of you today as you remember Brittany, Jordan and Jamie! These anniversaries are bittersweet. Yes, the prospect of eternity is much more inviting when our loved ones are there. I wonder if yours have met mine (Josh and Raya)? We will one day find out won’t we! Much love to you and to Kristen as you share your emotions, stories and hope today. May you be comforted and blessed to be a blessing (you already are to me!). Judy in South Australia xxx


  2. I can see you in Jordan. They are all beautiful. I look forward to meeting them “in, like, a hundred years”. In the meantime, the loss is still painful and you are in my thoughts and prayers. kjs


  3. Joel and I are in Whitehorse, remembering Jordan and Brittany and realizing how great the loss is for us, knowing that for you it is a hundredfold more. So on this day it is good to know that we can choose hope. And it is inspiring to know that you have chosen hope (not that utter despair hasn’t been there also) Not just hope for In like a hundred years, but today. Jocelyn, we pray for your day and week and your eleventh year, as well as for your minutes.
    Choosing hope
    PS Nice pictures – thanks
    Joel and Curtis


  4. I thought of you this morning and then there was your post. I cannot imagine the extent of your pain and loss but I can imagine it in part, so my heart goes out to you and I say a prayer. Reading your posts I feel that you have grown because you chose the path of hope and grace.
    Before me, as behind, God is, and all is well.
    Take care and God Bless.
    Love, Sharon


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