Are You What You Think?

Insider Insights … It is said that even the rocks cry out, in this case it was the walls … The bathroom walls.



What began as a chance encounter at a local pub, had us on a bistro search 144 kilometres away. We met Lance Dettwiler in Prince Rupert, BC and he convinced us that we should stop at his cafe, The Elephant’s Ear, on our drive through Terrace BC. This was similar to that random comment we should get together for coffee, sometime.  And it rarely happens. But this time my brother, his wife and I took the turn into town to hunt for The Elephant’s Ear, and with the help of Susie Q, the GPS we found it.

Lance almost seemed surprised to see us, and when I went to use the facilities, I was surprised with the washroom, full of artistic graffiti wisdom. The usual set of stalls with slider locks it was not. Instead the fairly large space, by bathroom standards had white walls and ceiling completely covered with artistic sayings. It looked as though customers continued to add their personal mottos. I hoped no one was in desperate need, as I took my time to photograph the philosophical words of the wall. Some of my favourite being posted here.


I always have a conversation with cliches, but who wouldn’t agree with eternal joy?  Each blending of truth alongside pat statements always causes an argument in me. Oh, if only life could be summed up by neat little catch phrases. And the upper comment about knowing for sure: I envy the author’s certainty. But do we become what we think? That line about whether you think you can or you think you cannot–either way, you are right. In Canada we just had an election, and Justin Trudeau won with the platform of sunny ways; of hope over fear, of hard work over cynicism. A country was won over by positivity. While cynicism seems the modern norm, especially in politics, optimism is refreshing, even if some of the lines are cliche.

I could not argue with the excellent food and ambiance of the bistro, it was worth the off-road detour, and jaunt through Terrace BC. Truly the destination and the journey are what make the trip worthwhile.


The reality is that my catch phrases change on a regular basis. What is written on the walls of my heart today has been written over what I believed yesterday. And yet there are words and assurances that have longevity. What’s written on the walls of your heart?